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We offer a range of services for bussiness tasks to accomplish everything you need to be successfull. Our resources help to better your bussiness and allows you to focus on other tasks more fully

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24/7 quick agent support assisisting you with all web development inquiries

Web Development

Helping to bring your business an Image that builds trust and confidence to your clients

Desktop Applications

Modern technology created to bring simplicity to your foundations

Custom Logos

Your logo brings recognition of who you are, it's the face of what you are

Marketing designs

Customized language and designs for adevrtisment. Optomizing your abilty to draw customers to you

Business Finance

We offer our resources and skills to find you the best possible financing for your business

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We give our clients special promotions and offers that allow them to get more for lower prices

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Welcome to PlatinumDesks, your number one source for all web development options. We're dedicated to providing you the very best of all web development products, with an emphasis on Design, Advertisement, and Communication. PlatinumDesks has come a long way from its beginnings and is now bringing customers much expereince to bring the biggest benefit to your business. We hope you enjoy our products as much as we enjoy offering them to you and look forward to working as a partner in buidling a face that brings trust and confidence to your clients.


Platinum Desks.

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Web Development


Computer programing




The Team

Say Hello to The Team! Review Each of the Teams Information to See Who You are Working With. Each Team Member Has a Special Role to Help With Specific Needs to Each Client!

Gennaro Germe

President & Founder

Web Development and Designer

Timothy Peterson

Executive Vice-President & Owner

Web Development and Designer

Senior Vice-President

Products and Service

Shagor Ahmad


All Design Creations


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